An Exercise in Writing Angerian Truth

This is hard, very hard stuff. So short, yet so long it will be advisable to keep it short since it won’t matter a hoot to those it concern while those who have nothing to do with the issue but secretly and silently wishes its continuity or enjoy it as another blogpost which is better than all honourable mentions in Angeria’s official gazette. An Avenue if it appears inside would mean lipstick, lip service, eyesore, eye service. Pooh.

The combination of no development on one hand and bribery in concert with corruption on the other is lethal to Angerian Economic Growth but provides an Avenue, even for oil companies, churches, smallĀ  and medium scale entrepreneurs or hawkers of eggs, sweets and water-in-a-sachet benefit immensely from the decay as the rot goes on.

In order not to understand, proclaim our predicament in its obvious profanity we assume and outline various imaginary problems and disadvantages of the situation that is as bad as possible, already.

Nowhere is this predicament seen than on The Government Television. Where various officials of the State and the Government Host each other in interviews, questioning, reporting or News Up about what they are supposed to do but haven’t done. It’s also quite interesting that the language they use after donkey years in the State House and Federal Secretariat is the same in which they were taught in School, (we used to be in the same school) where their excellence in dogmatism is further portrayed as the main course of their miserable ‘civil service’: upon whose altar the poor, hungry, sick, defenceless, helpless, uneducatedĀ  and hopeless Citizenry have been slaughtered. I meant these guys and brods even say ‘Good-bye’ @welcomes from their holidays. It’s amazing how they sleep when Angerians decay in Goldsmith’s Style where Wealth Multiplies.


(Sunday, 6 December 2015)